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SIEMENS CT636LES1 (Kavos aparatas)

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SIEMENS CT636LES1 (Kavos aparatas)

Būsena: Yra parduotuvėje S. Žukausko g. 49, Vilnius.
Pristatymas: 1-3 d.d.

1.699,00 €
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Trumpas aprašymas

Montuojamas kavos virimo aparatas
Visiškai automatinis
Išimama 2.4 litro vandens talpykla
Kavamalės talpykla: 500 g
Darbinis slėgis: 19 barų
Bendra galia: 1,6 kWh
Spalva: Nerūdijančio plieno/juoda
Garantinis terminas: 24 mėn.

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Montuojamas kavos virimo aparatas SIEMENS CT636LES1


sensoFlow System: The innovative heating system guarantees maximum espresso indulgence every time, thanks to its ideal, constant brewing temperature
aromaPressure System: Ideal contact pressure for optimal aroma extraction
One-touch preparation: Ristretto, Espresso, Espresso Macchiato, Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Caffe Latte at the touch of a button
aromaDouble Shot: Extra-strong coffee with less bitterness thanks to two grinding and brewing processes
Beverage temperature adjustable individually: coffee 3 levels, hot water 4 levels
Including BRITA Intenza water filter: Reduces the lime content of water and filters substances affecting smell and taste


TFT display with interactive menu
myCoffee: Save 8 favourite beverages with individual names and adjustable mixing ratio of milk and espresso
individualCup Volume: Cup sizes adjustable individually, to ensure your cup gets filled just as far as you would like it to
Coffee outlet and milk frother height-adjustable: Up to 15 cm high Latte Macchiato glasses fit underneath
oneTouch DoubleCup: Prepare two cups simultaneously for all coffee and milk specialities
Water tank removable for easy refilling (2.4 l volume)
Early warning if water tank almost empty or bean container almost empty
Flexible milk solution: Decide for yourself if you prefer connecting the provided milk container or using any other container, e.g. a milk carton
Short user manual always at hand inside appliance


silentCeram Drive: Quiet premium grinder made from non-wearing ceramic
coffeeSensor System: The grinding unit automatically adjusts to bean variety
One-touch coffee milk specialities with especially fine-pored milk froth thanks to an innovative milk frother
In addition to beverages also available separately: milk foam, warm milk, hot water
Reduced heat-up time: Fastest first cup
Water pump with 19 bar pressure
Separate chute for ground coffee, e.g. caffeine-free coffee
15.000 cup warranty: Consistently high appliance quality from the first cup to the 15,000th (valid for non-commercial use within 24 months)


Removable brewing unit: Easy and hygienic cleaning under running water
autoMilk Clean: Fully-automatic steam cleaning of the milk system after every beverage
Milk frother removable and dishwasher-proof
singlePortion Cleaning: Complete emptying of all pipes after each brewing process
Automatic rinsing program when switching off, switching on
Drip tray and coffee grounds container removable and dishwasher-proof
calc'nClean: Automatic cleaning and descaling programme
Reminds in time of water filter change, descaling, cleaning; including display of remaining cups


Containers for water, milk and coffee beans are easily accessible but hidden behind a door, so the kitchen always looks clean
Bean container with aroma protection lid (500 g volume)
Illumination for keys, coffee outlet
Grinding fineness adjustable (multi-level)
Display language selectable
Child safety lock: Unintended brewing process not possible
Wattage: 1600 W


Insulated milk container with freshLock lid (0.5 l volume)
Further included accessories: BRITA Intenza water filter, measuring spoon for ground coffee, connection hose for milk frother, test strip for water hardness, assembly screws
Separately available accessories: cleaning tablets (TZ80001), descaling tablets (TZ80002), BRITA Intenza water filter (TZ70003), care set for fully-automatic espresso makers (TZ80004), insulated milk container (TZ80009N)

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Papildoma informacija

Gamintojas Siemens
Garantinis terminas 24 mėn.

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