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BOSCH MUZ9VL1 (OptiMUM kombaino priedas)

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BOSCH MUZ9VL1 (OptiMUM kombaino priedas)

Būsena: Yra parduotuvėje S. Žukausko g. 49, Vilnius.
Pristatymas: 1-3 d.d.

79,00 €
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Trumpas aprašymas

Komplektas VeggieLove
Tinkamas priedas OptiMUM kombainui
5 skirtingi pjaustymo diskai (2 apverčiami)
Permatomas dangtis ir stumtukas

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VeggieLove Lifestyle Set with a continuous shredder, including five discs to help make tasty vegetarian dishes.
Excellent Results
- Continous shredder for unlimited shredding capacity directly in the bowl
- 5 discs included for a huge variety of dishes
(Reversible slicing disc, reversible shredding disc, medium-fine grating disc, potato grater disc and Asian vegetable disc)
- Reversible slicing disc for thick and thin slices of vegetables (as cucumber or cabbage)
- Reversible shredding disc for coarse or fine rasping of carrots or apples
- Medium-fine grating disc for nuts, chocolate or hard cheese (e.g. Parmesan)
- Grating disc coarse: Grates raw potatoes to make potatoe dumplings or potatoe pancakes
- Asian vegetable disc: Cuts fruits and vegetable in small stripes, e.g. for Asian style meals and salads
- Always find the right drive for your accessories - each drive and also the accessories have a colour code
- Stainless steel discs are taste-neutral and easy to clean
- Transparent lid and pusher
- Lid with safety lock: accessory can only be used, if accessory is correctly assembled

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Gamintojas Bosch

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